Pa Ariki's Palace

Pa Ariki's Palace
Pa Ariki's Takitumu Palace Museum

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Turou - Welcome to Pa Ariki's Museum

The Takitumu Palace Museum of Pa Tepaeru Teariki Upoko-tini Ariki is the only Chiefly Museum open to the public.

The current reigning Queen Pa celebrates 25 years in 2015. She is the 48th title holder, which began in the 1350's with the first Pa Ariki.

You can view and learn the long history of the Pa Ariki title holders and touch the Chiefly Artifacts on display.

Museum Hours:

Monday - Friday from 10am - 2pm.

Admission Fees Apply

Our guided tour, if you prefer, takes about one and a half hours which also includes a tour of the gardens. 

Reasons Why You Should Visit Us:

1- Historical Background of PA ARIKI.
2- Utilization and role of Pa Ariki.
3- Social organisation structure of Rarotongan Tribe.
4- Historical info of the 7 canoe voyage from Avarua Harbour, dating back to the 1300's.
5- Land Tenure structural information explained.
6- Surround yourself with our beautiful gardens. Our Family freindly enviroment is safe and happy.
7- Gift shop souvenirs and Refreshments are available.

The Pa Ariki Museum includes various photographs locally and from abroad, and a portrait painting of Pa Tapaeru Teariki Upoko-tini Marie (Pa Ariki).

The tour explores the significance of Pa's family history, genealogy, sacred sites and the responsibilities that she carries out as Pa Ariki. A commentary about Pa and her views accompanies the exhibit. 

Below is a photo of her royal seat, the Atamira, which was originally displayed at the National Museum. The atamira is now being displayed at The Pa Ariki Palace Museum, in Takitumu.

Pa Marie Ariki is the current Paramount Chief of Takitumu and her investiture took place in 1990 at Pokata Marae. (Photo Below)

During the years 1990 and 2002, she also held the position of President of the House of Ariki. During her reign, she has been active in community affairs especially for non-government organizations.

Pa has a number of responsibilities which keep her on her toes, such as strengthening the ties that the Cook Islands has with other Pacific countries. 

Pa Ariki's personal views of politics are valued and acknowledged by many. She states that the traditional structures are working alongside a modernised Cook Islands. This is so the next generation can grasp the importance of our Cook Island heritage, for instance, the importance of maintaining Te Reo. She feels that our language is slowly dying out, due to the lack of interest from our youth. 

In a political sense, Pa Ariki feels the Western government has failed in its approach to meet people's needs. As an Ariki, she says that people of her status are not respected and not provided with enough resources. 

Her vision to improve the health and well-being of her people is high on her agenda, as she has noticed that there has been a rise in health issues in the Cook Islands. Many have embraced this idea. 

Pa Ariki is one of seven children from the late Pa Terito Ariki.

For a view of the Museum you can either come to the Takitumu Palace directly, or book through Chantal Napa, the curator of the Museum.

Chantal's Concierge at Fruits of Rarotonga, Tikioki.

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